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Open Studios is the activity in which artists participating in the Uncool Artist community present their research and processes directly from their studios. Free entry through Teams App platform.



The meetings will take place online at the link inside each artist's profile
June 15 & 16
05:00 - 08:00 pm ET


[15.06] 6:00 – 7:00 pm ET
English – Spanish

I invite you to my Studio to show the work I am developing right now. I wish present my interests from a visual exhibition to talk about contrast and materiality. Across my work I believe is really important the collaboration so I use to work with my daughters, my mother and other women in family and community. This is also an evidence of the matriarchal power in my practice.

I will present my portfolio and a story telling about one of my latest´s project in progress: “Moms Blanket”

Marisa Bernotti (she/her) is a multidisciplinary artist and mother from Uruguay. Her work spans installation, drawing, collage, and painting and springs from a daily journal practice, in which she allows ideas and characters to flow from her subconscious. She is interested in the tensions between our true nature and what society imposes upon ourselves. Dig the space among contradictions.

Bernotti holds a BD in Economics. She was selected as Mercosur artist for her exhibition “Eyes that speak, mouths that remain silent” a show for women’s rights. In 2020 she participated in the SVA Residency in Art Practice and in 2021 in the Illustration SVA Residency. She painted a mural about identity for Big Picture Peoria. Their work was exhibited in many countries such as Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, UK, Spain, Italy and the United States.


[16.06] 5:30 – 6:30 pm ET
English  – Portuguese

Please join me this thursday June 16! I will present my portfolio, explain how some series came together and discuss the process, technique and inspiration behind my work.

I would present mainly my portfolio, with focus on some series and the way they came up to life. Perhaps show some pics or videos of my different studios in Brazil and Uruguay. I can present it in english and portuguese, but also french and spanish.

Myriam Zini is a French, Moroccan-born visual artist based in Montevideo – Uruguay since 2016, where she is part of the FAC/Fundación de Arte Contemporáneo Collective. She graduated in Visual Arts in Brazil, where she lived for 10 years. The starting point of her work is to generate reflection on the images produced by mass culture. By painting on newspapers, by erasing figures and faces, by rescuing some empty billboards, the artist is subverting some of the ways the images are disseminated and driving us us to re-consider these ephemeral objects. Her intensely chromatic uneven paintings are inspired by real life and often extreme situations of human experience. She works also with drawings, photography and installations. Zini’s work has been exhibited in Brazil, Uruguay and USA.


[16.06] 6:30 – 7:10 pm ET

Between seeing and looking there is a place and it is in that place that I seek to transit. In photography I find another place, where I build memories with its fragments, forgetfulness and memories. Between gaps, cracks and voids that constitute us, I develop possible narratives with what moves me. I perceive photography as a movement that takes us to a becoming, to an extra frame, to another place. My investigations go through the crossings that photography makes possible. Lines, fabrics, videos, instant photographs, random images, digital and analog files permeate possible dialogues.

I invite everyone to visit my studio for a conversation about photography, works in progress, studies and finished works. In the poetic construction of a work, many paths are possible and so many are insinuated and many questions worry me… Who am I in front of these paths? What do they provoke me? So come, to talk about the questions that surround us.

Portfolio presentation, work under study presentation and presentation of some references that permeate my research to open a conversation with the participants.

Eponina Castor de Mello (Nina Mello) was born and raised between mountains and seas. He lives and works in Juiz de Fora-MG, where he started his activities around photography in 1990, after twenty years of practice and involvement with photo journalism, he graduated in Social Communication at Juiz de Fora Higher Education Center, in 2009. Year in which he moved away from photojournalism, a segment that allowed him great understandings. In the same year, she opened the Espaço Experimental Nina Mello, an environment dedicated to photographic thinking. Postgraduate in Photography and Image at UCAM-IUPERJ (class 2016/2017).

She participated in several collective and solo exhibitions, taught photography courses, produced exhibitions, developed curatorial projects and participated in the production of photographic events. She is currently developing her research in the artistic field, developing her work around memory and the crossings of photography with other digital media.


[16.06] 6:00 – 7:30 pm ET

I was born a loner, keeping an eye out and sparing words. Restless mind, I grew up dividing my time between observing nature and exploring the globalization of the world through a pc screen. When I realized it, I was questioning images and trying to perceive in their material aspects, the presence of something unrepresentable. Investigating pictorial language in an expanded way, I started to combine personal records, browsing data, presence and interactions on the web in multimedia compositions. Searching, in this volatile environment of possibles and excesses, to find, in banal characteristics, reasons for sublime compositions. I’ll start this Open Studio presenting my trajectory through my portfolio, then I’ll comment on the work I’m developing here at ILAP, going through a cloud of files. Finally, I will exclusively provide the link to my latest work on the web: invisible law. Come in and discover how I structured my work based on a “virtual studio”, feel free to make comments and questions. See you there!

Guarapuava/PR, 1993.
Lives and works in Florianópolis/SC – Brazil.

Degree in Visual Art with emphasis on computer graphics – UTP (2013) and Postgraduate in Social History of Art – PUC/PR (2016). She works with expanded painting, articulating media, from supports and techniques to digital communication tools. She develops propositions for web, objects and graphic studies. With an interest in the materiality of the image, she explores scenic, allegorical and narrative resources. Through appropriation and montage, she seeks to provide the resignification of data, observing the relationship between art and affection in the insertion and digital placement of her works.


[15.06] 7:00 – 8:00 pm ET

I invite all of you to come into my studio to talk together about works that are being developed and finished. I want to present my interests from a visual exhibition and through pre-established verbal and visual narratives, having as a central point the series entitled: Treco, Troços e Coisas. The contact with the observer is very important for the constitution of my research, so I invite you to come and participate in this important moment of exchanges and conversations through the online room, I hope to see you on June 15 from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm ET.

Lives and works in Goiânia, Goiás.
Monaretta is an artist graduated from the Federal University of Goiás (UFG).

CARLOS MONARETTA 1995. Lives and works in Goiânia, Goiás. Monaretta is an artist, graduated in visual arts from the Federal University of Goiás (UFG). Since 2016, he has participated in exhibitions in public and private institutions, such as: Abre Alas, Galeria A gentil carioca (2022), Salão Nacional de Jataí, ”New Acquisitions, Collection Aldir Blanc Galeria Antônio Sibasolly” in Anápolis-GO ( 2021), ”2nd SESC-DF Arts Biennial in Brasília-DF (2018). He participated in the artistic residencies: ” Projeto Trampolim ”, MAC, Museum of Contemporary Art, Goiânia Goiás and Open House Hospitality in Olhos D’água, Alexânia-GO (2021). Currently, he has been investigating and proposing, displacements and inversions of the ways of seeing the city and the things of his daily life, starting with the action of transformation not only of what he sees and records, but of concepts and materials, creating sculptures, drawings, photographs and engravings.


[16.06] 5:00 – 6:00 pm ET
Portuguese – English

This month I will open my studio through an online room, on the Uncool Artist website. I want to show my works in development and share some of my creative process.
I will present my new paintings and I would like to exchange ideas and hear the perceptions of the visitors. I’m waiting for you on June 16th, from 5:00 to 6:00 pm ET!

Danielle Cukierman, 1980 Juiz De Fora, Brasil.
Lives and works in Rio De Janeiro

I’ve been working with black and, mainly, texture; after all, my research deals with clues, looking where you step, and feeling the way. I’ve been building passages with colored plastics while recoding signs to signal an emergency. I use street floors (which guide people with visual impairments) as a metaphor to create new paths.

The results permeate my affective issues, for having experienced an itinerant childhood, always looking for a place that soon became the past. In addition, they reflect the search for a “safe path” to be followed. I pose two questions to the spectator: Where to go? What is the escape route?


[16.06] 6:00 – 7:00 pm ET

My name is Miriam Bratfisch Santiago and I’d like to invite you to know a little more about my work.
I’m going to present my portfolio and I would like to hear from you about this most recent research that I’ve been dedicating myself to, which basically is the re-signification of appropriate objects, particularly discarded photos.

The analysis and questioning that will surely arise can help me take the next steps.
I’m waiting for you!

b. Miriam Bratfisch Santiago, Sorocaba, Brasil.
Lives and works in São Paulo

Graduated in Contemporary Artistic Practices from FAAP (2018), she began her free training in visual arts attending artists’ ateliers and being part of groups of study, production and monitoring projects such as Hermes Artes Visuais and Instituto Tomie Ohtake, among others. With works in public collections such as the Secretary of Culture of São Bernardo do Campo, the UFF of Niteroi and the Secretary of Culture of Praia Grande. In her research, she seeks to re-signify appropriate objects and the load of memory they bring, whether imagery or material.

She has participated in exhibitions in museums, galleries and independent spaces:


– Repensar O Fato Como Sewesse Nele, UFF Photography Space in Niterói (RJ, 2017)
– Rew<<>>Fwd, Qualcasa Project by Hermes Artes Visuais , SP, (2016)

Most recent group exhibitions
– 19th Edition of the MARP Exhibition Program (Ribeirão Preto, 2022)
– Breaking the Surface is Opening a River Into, Espaço Fonte, ( SP, 2022)
– Tudo de Novo vira Começo, Espaço Exvisão Vera (SP, 2021)
– If All Roses Disappeared
– New Gallery, (SP, 2021)
– 6th Contemporary Art Salon of Guarulhos (SP, 2020)-
National Salon of Art on Paper (online, 2020) )
– Anatomy of a Coexistence, Galeria Rabieh (SP, 2019)
– On the First Day, On the Ninth Floor, Galeria Lamb (SP, 2019)
– The Present of the Past is Memory, Arpa Occupation (SP, 2018)
– XXV Salão Curitibano Visual Arts (PR, 2018)
– It’s a Solo That Others Accompany, MAB-FAAP (SP, 2018)
– 48th and 49th Annual FAAP Art (SP, 2016 and 2017)
– 15th Art Salon Contemporary Art of Guarulhos (SP, 2016).

Receives the Scholarship Awards at the 48th Annual FAAP (2106), Acquisition Award at the 23rd Art Salon of Praia Grande (2016), Collective Exhibition Prize at the 15th Contemporary Art Salon of Guarulhos, (2016),
He participated in Residência Vera, (SP, 2021), Hermes Artes Visuais no Kaysàa (Boissucanga, SP, 2019) and Drawing in Paris, (2014) with Solange Hopen .


[16.06] 6:00 – 7:00 pm ET

I want to invite and welcome you to my studio on June 16th from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm. Please feel free to enter the online room and ask me questions about my practice, work, and progress, or simply to have a conversation with me. I’ll be showing my most recent works, exhibitions but also works that are currently in progress.

b. Quito, Ecuador.
Lives and works in Miami

Joaquín Stacey-Calle was born in Quito, Ecuador, and lived there until he was 14. In 2014 he and his family moved to Miami, where he is currently based. In 2018 he started his studies in fine arts at Florida International University with a focus on painting and video. He graduated in 2022 with a bachelor in fine arts and a minor in art history and marketing. The artist is intrigued by the power of photography to index a moment in a distant past and place and bring forth a sense of nostalgia and questioning. He is also fascinated by human attachment to photos as well as objects. In a gestural and brushed method, he sources figurative imagery from old family photographs into oil paintings and intermixes them with charged and complex symbols of palm and banana trees. Stacey Calle’s work is hybrid, layered, and organic. Like his understanding of his diasporic self, his work is rooted in memories of his home and life in Ecuador and then tethered to a new experience of unfixed imagery and materiality that remains ever-changing into a new future.


[16.06] 5:00 – 6:30 pm ET
Portuguese – English

It’s a joy to be once again part of Uncool Artist’s Open Studios. It will be a joy to have you over my studio to talk about my trajectory with upcycling and share some of my recent production. My work deals with the hidden consciousness within the objects we keep, whether they are very special or not. So I invite you to bring an object you keep and share a story about it.

5h – 5h30 pm: portfolio and creative process videos
5h30 – 6h pm: recent production
6h – 6h30 pm: sharing stories about kept objects and the memories they carry with them.

b. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1980
Lives and works in São Paulo, Brazil

Thais Ribeiro has a degree in Fashion Design from Universidade Cândido Mendes and a post-graduation in Art Education from FMU. For 12 years she worked in pattern design and creative illustration for the fashion industry. Since 2015, she researches Textile Art and upcycling as means of educational practices in Latin America. Today, she takes on this research under Uncool Artist’s International Lab for Art Practices (ILAP). She’s also a creativity coach helping artists unlock and expand their creative processes.


[16.06]  6:30 – 7:30 pm ET
Portuguese – English

I invite you to take a virtual tour of my studio-atelier where I compose and develop paintings, collages and music. In this visit, I will discuss a little of the process of each work front that I have been developing, presenting records, studies and final versions of some selected works.

Presentation sequence: Processes => Portfolio

Thiago Boecan is a painter, illustrator and musician. Born in Porto Alegre and raised between the cultures of São Paulo and Rio Grande do Sul.

In his poetic, visual and sound work, the occupation of the body (figurative or abstract) in space (pictorial or temporal) is the main motive that guides research and production. Boecan treats abstract, figurative, positive and negative elements with the same degree of importance in order to interact with the compositional possibilities that space imposes, through its physical and structural limitations, on the bodies that occupy it.

The artist uses both conventional and everyday materials in the construction of the plastic universes of his compositions, in painting and collage, which approach the interaction of color and texture in the two-dimensional field. In the collages, he resignifies studies and old objects that occupied a non-place, until then, delegated to discarded materials.

When the approach goes beyond the concrete visual field, the textural exploration remains active in the musical work in the intense overlapping of sound masses in arrangements that mix vocal resources, everyday objects, in addition to electronic and analog instruments. The massive construction takes place as a function of a bittersweet and melancholy universe in which the word addresses the density of the individual in an eternal process of decomposition and recomposition.


[16.06] 7h – 8h pm ET
English – Spanish

It would be my absolute pleasure to invite you virtually to my studio in Dallas to present to you the invisible thread that braids us together which needs to be seen more than ever, in times of social transformation like the ones we’re living in. My practice is about braiding as the visual manifesto of the power of the collective. I’m currently working on a piñata performance project that explores themes related to colonization, environment and visual reminders, and I would love to share my process with you.

Danié Gomez-Ortigoza, is a Mexican-American multimedia artist who believes in the power of braiding with intention, and on tracing the invisible thread that braids us together. She works with rituals exploring hair, as a form of art and communication.

The main concern of her practice is finding ways to mend the social fabric, and activate thecommunities she’s involved with to generate positive change in the themes concerning women’s rights, latinidad, rituals, opportunities for children in underserved communities and the environment. In August of 2021 she moved to Dallas with the objective of focusing on her artistic practice, which is composed of performance art, photography, and video performance, after having worked in fashion developing a strong voice on social media through the language of hair which she’s in the process of transforming.

Danié is currently taking part in the ILAP Art Residency, and is the co-founder of The Bazaar for Good, a network that generates opportunities for children in Latinamerica. She’s inspired by the work of Sheila Hicks, Tunga, Cecilia Vicuna and Giorgia Volpe to expand the reach and the narrative of her practice.