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Uncool Artist





Join the warmest and most welcoming art community you’ll ever belong to.

Welcome to our artist-run organization — vibrant and independent community based in Brooklyn, NY, with a global online reach. Here, you’ll discover an art ecosystem designed for artists to thrive, featuring a gallery, dynamic residency programs, and an exclusive and accessible online social network.

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UA Access

Get started at Uncool Artist!

The UA Access membership is a specialized tier designed for artists, offering a comprehensive engagement with our online community and real opportunities for international exhibitions.

At UA Online our participants can connect, collaborate and exchange unorthodox ideas with creatives from around the world. It’s a place for them to showcase their work, discover new talents and get inspired!


Uncool Artist Residency


Since 2018, UA has offered an exclusive studio-based international art residency program for visual artists in New York City.


UAR Online – ILAP provides opportunities to expand networks and engage in critical discussions about the contemporary art world. This enriching experience is open to artists, curators, critics, researchers, educators, and cultural sector professionals, culminating in an exhibition in NYC.

Uncool Gallery

With a storefront strategically located in front of the Brooklyn Navy Yard, our gallery serves as a dynamic hub for artistic expression and exposure. We extend a firm invitation for you to visit our space, where artistic innovation and collaboration flourish, and the artist’s voice takes center stage.


We believe that together we can go further and beyond. Affection, respect, and collaboration are the foundation of our relationships at Uncool Artist. If you are looking for a place to belong, to feel safe and welcome, you found it!

What kinds of relationships are the most important for you to cultivate in the art world?


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