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Uncool Artist



We are a warm-welcoming community that provides solid connections with experienced and generous artists, curators, critics, and art dealers through diverse programs and projects. We create a unique environment so our participants can dive deep into their practices, find unique opportunities to show their creations, present meaningful projects, and build a sustainable living in the arts.

Yes. They have been designed to take full advantage of the virtual environment. Our methodology is based on propositions that will effectively put you into action. 

The online environment also allows for versatility in the completion of our programs. People have different work paces – we will help you to follow a schedule with flexibility, and you will have access to resources for interaction and studies (in a group or individual rooms) 24/7.

That being said, Uncool Artist also hosts occasional in-person events, most frequently near our headquarters in Brooklyn or in São Paulo, where most of our Brazilian participants are based.

Artists, curators, critics, researchers, educators, and anyone in the cultural sector can enroll. Contact us to schedule an interview and find the perfect fit for you.

Organized in small groups and promoting an intimate-safe-environment, ILAP is our art projects incubator. It was created for artists, curators, critics, researchers, educators, and anyone in the cultural sector, aiming to be part of a community that pursues a distinct position in the international contemporary art field. It serves as a platform for those seeking to start or continue to develop their projects, engaging in critical discussions about today’s art world, and intending to expand their networks.

Yes. ILAP was created for creative people in different stages of their careers. Its modules are designed to support different goals in art practices.

Each participant is recommended to do at least four quarters (in different or same modules, if you want to repeat modules) to establish strong connections, take advantage of a whole year set of opportunities, and be able to present a well-rounded project.

Participants should present a complete project to the public to obtain a certificate, including a publication.

ILAP’s modularity allows the program to be customized to your exact needs. For instance, participants focused in developing a more substantial repertoire of references and techniques can choose to take the Foundation module several times in a row; on the other hand, participants in final stages of execution of their projects who would like to start their journey with us can take the Project presentation module. Our orientation team is always available to help your participation in the program further align with your goals in research and art practice.

If you’re not sure what module would be most appropriate to your current situation, we can discuss it during your entrance interview or between terms.

All programs at Uncool Artist offer textual and video content, as well as live meetings, accessible via a computer, tablet or smartphone. We offer several bibliographic sources and references for you to deepen your studies, available for access 24/7. The live meetings are held in weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly basis, providing plenty of opportunities to chat with all participants of our community.

To access Uncool Artist platforms, participants will need a Wi-Fi connection, a computer, tablet, or cellphone with a microphone and camera to interact with the group during live meetings. Participants will also be requested to download Microsoft Teams on their devices.

You will have access as long as you have an active enrollment at Uncool Artist. The level of access depends on the type of association you have.

We use PayPal, Zelle, and Venmo in all of our transactions.

No. Your login information is personal and non-transferable. For more information, please read our Terms and Conditions.

We will be very sorry to see you go, but we want to make this the fairest way possible for both of us.

Please read our Terms and Conditions.

Of course! You can contact us via the following email addresses:

For general information about Uncool Artist, its programs, and partnerships, please contact us at contact@uncoolartist.com.

For problems with our website, please contact our technical support at suporte@uncoolartist.com.

As a self-funded artist-run organization, Uncool Artist seeks to make its programs as accessible and affordable as possible. As such, partial scholarship to our programs can be granted on a case-by-case basis, to be discussed after initial approval of the participant in the application process. Since [ANO AQUI], following a decision made in a community forum, we no longer offer full scholarships.

We are working on sponsorship projects and potential partnerships to be able to provide scholarships. If you wish to get involved with Uncool Artist and support our programs and courses, please get in touch with us at contact@uncoolartist.com

Yes. All meetings, lectures, and studio visits will be in English. Participants must be fluent in reading, writing, understanding, and speaking English.

If you are interested you have programs in Portuguese and in Spanish (soon).

No. Uncool Artist is an independent artist-run organization. Our certificate is not accredited.

If you still have questions about our programs, you can email us at contact@uncoolartist.com. 

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