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Uncool Artist

April 6

6-8 PM


by Uncool Artist

Let it flow, the exchanges between diverse aesthetic minds, and see what happens.

Collaboration and shared experiences are translated in “intertwined” –– an exhibition proposed to the Consulate General of Brazil in New York aiming to introduce Uncool Artist and its resident artists to the Brazilian community of the city.

During the months of January, February, and March 2022, seven artists (five Brazilians, one North American, and one African-born American) shared the Uncool Artist’s studio space in Brooklyn. Danielle Cukierman, Danny Starr, Debora Rayel, Erica Iassuda, Mariana Guardani, Rodrigo Pimenta, and Sika Foyer approached their poetics through sensitive crossings between their investigations.

With a high note –– moved by generous exchanges and an appreciation of each other –– three different groups composed of three artists in residence in a shared space created images that allude to the deconstruction of geographical and poetic borders.

They teamed up intertwining their art-making to create a synergistic force going beyond their individualities, offering the viewer a lively and affectionate visual experience.

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Danielle Cukierman (Brazil, 1980) lives and works in Rio de Janeiro. She started her training in 2011 and is currently part of the International Lab of Art Practices by Uncool Artist, USA. Her research focuses on the idea of “path”. The works pervade affective issues of the artist, who experienced a childhood of constant changes. A routine of eternal coming and going, looking for a place that soon became the past. There are two main questions for the spectator: Where to go next? What is the escape route? Urgent questions in the dystopian scenario we are dealing with today.

Her recent collective exhibitions include Do write (right) to me, ChaShaMa, New York, 2021; Do write (right) to me, Miami Design District, Miami, 2021; Abre Alas 14, A Gentil Carioca, Rio de Janeiro; International Biennial of Cerveira, Portugal and Novíssimos, IBEU Cultural Center, Rio de Janeiro, 2018.

She did an individual show in 2019, Rota de Fuga, Galeria Aymoré, Rio de Janeiro.

Danny Starr is a self-taught artist whose oil painting style combines the techniques of classical figure painting and abstraction. He first discovered his love for painting while gaining his graphic design degree from Fort Lewis College. Since then, he has participated in art classes and courses including studying at the Angel Academy of Art in Florence, Italy. He utilizes his knowledge in these various forms of art to create unique and inspiring pieces.

Danny explores philosophical ideas on the nature of reality, human condition, life and death, and self-care. The subjects in his work are emerged in a surreal dreamscape created out of the relationships between his varying techniques. He has a gallery/studio in downtown Wilmington where he works and curates.

Debora Rayel Eva (Brazil, 1970) built her professional experience in graphic and product design, and started her projects within the visual arts field in early 2011. Since then, she has participated in contemporary art courses, art residencies, and study groups. In 2013 she started her works in drawing, collage, photography, painting, and ready-made objects. Her early works started with photos that she took from her own body to transform and build new ones via editing into new images. With time, those images gave way to creating new “bodies”, ready-made objects, and small sculptures made out of ordinary, natural, or disposable materials. Nowadays, she has been working in her studio while participating in exhibitions with other artists. Her recent collective exhibitions include Romper a Superfície é Abrir um Rio para Dentro, Grupo Hermes, São Paulo, 2022; Do write (right) to me, ChaShaMa, New York, 2021; Do write (right) to me, Miami Design District, Miami, 2021; Últimos Dias, Espaço Fonte, São Paulo, 2020.

Erica Iassuda is a Brazilian Japanese artist who lives and works in Itu, Brazil. Her work is autobiographical and directly influenced by her ancestry. Her philosophical language gently creates a space for internal dialogues, pointing out the hardness of honestly looking at oneself in such critical times.

Her artistic work progresses uniting her veiled desires, personal history and interests closer to her heart. Thus, she assumes a trajectory of theoretical studies from classical philosophy and art history to quantum physics and practices from oil painting to sculpture and, more recently, theater.

In the last two years Erica has been developing an autobiographical work in philosophical language that delicately generates a space for internal dialogues. Thus, her paintings end up exploring the difficulty of an honest inward look, in fast-paced times of crisis and uncertainty. Its spaces that are only apparently empty, paradoxically explore their inverse, making silence the catalyst for the rescue of memories veiled by pain and deep reflections about existence.


Mariana Guardani is an architect based in Sao Paulo. Her art practice started 2017 when she was awarded at the FESTFOTO of Porto Alegre. In December of 2017, she had her first individual exhibition with “Drifting to silence”, exhibited in Spain. Since June 2018, Mariana is part of Joaquim Paiva’s collection with the work “Under Construction”. In 2018, she was part of a photo projection “Le marché de la photo”, within the “off” circuit of Paris Photo. In 2019, she was a member of the artistic committee and selection jury of the 3rd Colloquium of Photography of Bahia.

Rodrigo Pimenta (Brazil, 1972) is a painter, designer, and filmmaker, who lives and works in São Paulo. His research in painting focuses on exploring the grid, form and color, often utilizing digital tools in his process to create image and meaning for his colorful compositions. 

He has a diploma in Publishing from ECA/USP, with a Master of Arts in Design at the London College of Printing, through a Chevening Scholarship. He has taken painting  courses with Paulo Pasta, Charles Watson, Luiz Ernesto and Teresa Viana. He currently participates in the Uncool Artist ILAP Brasil program. Recent exhibitions include the Mostra Radar in São Paulo; Do Write (Right) to Me by Uncool Artist in New York and Miami; Leilão ArteSol; A Outra Feira in São Paulo. He has attented an Artist Residency program at Uncool Artist in 2022.

Sika Foyer is an American multidisciplinary artist who explores wrapping cultures, the materiality
of wrapping and its crosscultural rituals to tell ancestral stories and to examine forms of social
injustice. Foyer’s tireless gestural motions and micro repetitive layering expose what is covered,
what is forbidden and what is hidden in plain sight. Her formal trainings and experiences in urban
policies and economic development inform her work.
Born and raised in Lomé, Togo, West Africa, Foyer was first introduced to drawing and clothing
design at age 8 by assisting her fashion designer and dressmaker mother, Akouh Adjo Ebimide, in
her Atelier, Chez Da Marie. Foyer came to the United States where she obtained her BS in
Economics from Baruch College, CUNY and her MS in Urban Studies from The New School, Milano
School of Policy, Management and Environment in NYC. Throughout this time Foyer maintained a
studio practice in New York and in January 2021 she obtained an M.F.A. from Lesley Art + Design
in Cambridge, MA


Gisela Gueiros

Gisela moved to New York from São Paulo in 2007 to earn a Master’s degree at Sotheby’s Institute of Art. In addition to being an art historian, art advisor, and educator, Gisela is the NYC correspondent for both GQ and Vogue Brasil. In 2020 she started working as an educator for Artful Jaunts and as International Projects manager for Galeria Millan.

Besides writing and offering tours, Gisela organize and curate pop-up art exhibitions, typically showcasing up-and-coming artists based in New York. The earliest shows began in her apartment. And now she is putting on the exhibitions at spaces in Lower East Side’s gallery district.



April 6th (Wednesday)

6-8 PM

Consulate General of Brazil in New York

225 East 41st St, NYC.