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Uncool Artist


by Isolde Kille, Merudjina Normil and Tamera Bedford

APRIL 13 - May 10

The exhibition is narrated as a three-part journey that explores the technology and architectonics of light and its role in the shaping of consciousness.

Three Constellations is a group-exhibition featuring intimate portraits of three women artists. The exhibition is narrated as a three-part journey that explores the technology and architectonics of light and its role in the shaping of consciousness. It traces an ever-evolving landscape as it transitions from the analogue to the digital to re-imagines ideas of connectivity. Each artwork offers its own revelation and in doing so ignites and inspires us to find new ways of thinking about.

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Isolde Kille

Born in Welver, Germany, Isolde Kille holds a master’s degree in visual communication from the University of Arts in Berlin, Germany. In Berlin, Kille was involved in several independent art initiatives which brought her into dialogue with the international art community. Feeling more creatively liberated in the United States, in 1998 Kille made New York City her home, and embarked on a productive period. Her work has been shown domestically and internationally at venues such as: Kunstwerke and Kunsthaus Bethanien in Berlin, Germany; John Gibson Gallery, John Weber Gallery; Lital Mehr Gallery, Chelsea, New York, NY; Bass Museum, Miami Beach, Florida, among others.

In 2009 the artist moved to a Zen center, living in the Buddhist community for thirteen months. During this incredibly focused time of self-reflection and meditation, the artist was “free of the pressure of the market” and at the same time continued her interest about time, space and existence and healing. Kille’s self-isolation from the art market was a fruitful and inspiring experience. The last decade the artist has been creating on the land in the desert of rural New Mexico as well as Joshua Tree, California, while she continued to exhibit in New York, LA, USA and Berlin, Germany. In her solo exhibition Utopia X-posed at The High Line in Chelsea, New York the artist creating a fictional and experimental reality. The interwoven elements of video and painting, fragments of Nature and Abstractions, draw on a non-linear concept to re-create a Fantastic Landscape in Space.

In 2020, she founded the art space Timespecific.net where she curates local events and on-line exhibitions emphasizing her interest in Climate Crisis.

Merudjina Normil

I am a Black Haitian-American, non-binary interdisciplinary artist currently residing in Brooklyn, NY. I am an alum of Williams College, where I studied videography, acting, writing, singing, fine and digital art, and Latin & West African dance. I lived in Pittsfield, MA, for most of my life, exploring the art community in my hometown.

As an interdisciplinary artist, I strive to challenge the perception that artists are married to one medium. I am interested in how different mediums can tell and hold a story. I see art as a medium of healing and community-building. I work with audio, video, movement, painting, and drawing. I believe creativity comes with a responsibility, and strive to create work that makes revolution irresistible.

More importantly, I critically engage with the topics of race, sexual violence, gender, rage, and spiritual and emotional healing from my own perspective. I invite the viewer into an intimate conversation around violence and how it can affect an individual, then translating the effect on the community around the harmed. I believe that using my own perspective and experiences is more valuable than drawing from that of another. Interrogating these topics from my own personal point of view allows for more honesty and vulnerability when engaging with the subject. It creates a primary connection to the work, which I believe enhances the viewers understanding and connection to the story.

Tamera Bedford

Tamera Bedford is a self-trained American abstract mixed media artist living and working in China. She is noted for the diversity found in her artistic practice, both materially and visually, and the varied nature of her subject matter. Her work turns to visual representation to capture her deep respect for environmental phenomena and beyond to biological life and mental flows of the human brain. By incorporating a foundation in both Eastern and Western design and aesthetics, the work she makes spans the micro-elements of natural networks and systems out to their superstructures built of exquisite flows, lines and patterns.

For many years I worked in the environmental field but I became depressed and disillusioned with what I saw happening around me. Since 2009 I’ve had the incredible privilege of being able to live and work as an artist in China, and have travelled extensively throughout Asia. My practice has allowed me to explore who I am in the world and learn about other cultures through exposure to their art. I’ve been able to keep the incredible people I’ve met, places I’ve been, and experiences I’ve had alive in my visual creations. For me art is life and life is art – there is no separation.


A network formed by nomadic-independent-displaced artists who work collectively in inventing and promoting poetic experiences based on collaborative creation (for artists and by artists).
We seek to promote the entire artistic production cycle and all the people involved in creating art projects in the most sustainable and transparent ways.
Our mission is to develop artistic projects, outside the establishment, in different contexts through exhibitions, festivals, art labs, workshops, research, and the publication of books, magazines, and online newspapers.
Through various forms of fundraising, donations, and volunteering, we aim to implement projects that break traditional structures of power rooted in our cultures and reproduced by art systems. That’s why we bring together artists from different socio-geographical-historical-economic contexts with the most varied interests, sensibilities, and ways of existing so that together we can create artistic activations that respect the specifics of the places where they happen.


Opening and Visiting hours

April 13 – May 10

Saturday, from 12- 6 pm and Wednesdays or Thursdays by appointment.

16 Waverly Ave, suit 300
Brooklyn, NY


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