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Uncool Artist

Se young Yim
Jeronimo Albornoz_ It_s everyone_s fault but mine III
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Falling Leaves from Babel

UAR Group Show
Brooklyn - NY

11.30.23 - 12.02.23

Falling Leaves from Babel brings together the work of eight artists from different parts of the world who came together in Brooklyn, New York, as strangers with a common goal – to create their art. Like many before them, these eight artists traversed oceans, continents, and states, leaving behind everything familiar to venture into the unknown streets of New York to pursue new ideas and visions. Falling Leaves from Babel is a meditation on their autumn spent in New York in the Uncool Artist Residency. Falling Leaves from Babel showcases each artist’s individual work and is a testament to their collective shared experience in this residency.

Each artist adopts varying mediums, ranging from traditional painting techniques to self-taught approaches, while others utilize fabric and hand-sewing or video games and interactive technology. Their artistic practices and the intentions behind their processes also differ. However, common threads run through their work, such as the search for human connection and the pursuit of a sense of belonging or shelter; These desires are inherently human but become especially poignant with hints of New York City seen woven throughout the works.

Ultimately, this show is not about finding common threads between the works, but rather it’s about acknowledging the connections and collaborations among the artists that led to new creative developments, series, and directions for each of them. This show is about how they inspired each other to take creative leaps and push their boundaries beyond their comfort zones. Together, the combination of their individual energies and perspectives has created a unique alchemy that is specific to this group of artists.

Perhaps, Steven L. Anderson’s piece, 130 Years, can be seen as a fitting metaphor for this show. At first glance, it may seem like a single image of a tree ring on paper. However, upon closer examination, it is revealed that the image was created by meticulously layering individual strips of paper, which he then draws on top of to build one comprehensive image. Similarly, this show has assembled together individual pieces, all created in Brooklyn, to create a cohesive whole.

By Julie McKim



Amelia Roman

Amelia Roman has journeyed from New York to Melbourne, Istanbul, Paris, and now New York again while living like a true artistic nomad. Showcasing her talent at platforms such as Tomtom Design Week and Boomer Gallery, she brings her art practice to Uncool Artist. Her ongoing project, “The Gentleman Spread,” questions: “How beautiful is a man’s naked body? How often is this beauty celebrated on canvas by a woman artist?” Amelia shares, “I love men, and I’ve always been fascinated by men’s beauty… This is my declaration of love to the man’s body as an artist.” Striving to redefine masculinity, Amelia aims to present men in a “light, soft and tender, beautiful and peaceful… Joyful.” In her words, “I think we ought to be untamed, spread our legs provided we don’t take someone else’s leg space, spread our acts of kindness, spread our love and our wings if we want to.” Amelia’s quest continues, to expand her vision and continue to open up there’s no better place than NY where she explores “all living things spreading the love.”

Edson Pavoni

Edson Pavoni (1984) is an artist and technologist who proposes sensitive imaginaries for the relationship between technology and humanity. His practice includes architectural-scale interactive installations, algorithms and digital-based fabrications, AI generated images, poetry, photography, digital platforms and even satellite technology, aiming to construct new possibilities that revolve around human intimacy in its intersection with technology. He lives and works in São Paulo.

Jerónimo Albornoz

Jerónimo Albornoz is a multidisciplinary artist born in Quito – Ecuador in 1987. In 2011, he graduated as a film director at Universidad del Cine, Buenos Aires – Argentina. He worked in advertising as a film director for several production companies until 2015, when he founded his own, serving as CEO and general director. He has also produced a number of music videos, receiving worldwide recognition. Since early 2020, he is dedicated to professional artistic creation. Jerónimo’s work oscillates between painting, photography and video, portraying themes related to contemporary problematics. His practice is based on conceptual syncretisms that conjugate with different layers of the subconscious -both his own and the spectator’s- generating works that handle a critical discourse, sometimes with particular humour, evoking themes related to the social, the familiar, the religious and contemporary human behavior.

Mingyue (Luna) Chen

Mingyue Chen (Luna), a Quanzhou-born media artist and interdisciplinary designer, has established her base in New York City. Her creative pursuits center around exploring the convergence of art, technology, and contemporary society, with a particular emphasis on interactive installations and sustainable art. She honed her artistic skills at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, which further enriched her multifaceted approach to design. During her academic journey, Mingyue had the opportunity to immerse herself in various modern cities, such as Paris, Berlin, Shanghai, and Beijing, either for study or work. The constant traveling and frequent relocations have contributed to feelings of insecurity in her explorations to find a true sense of home. To address these emotions and find inner peace, Mingyue channeled her experiences into her art, using it as a medium of self-expression and introspection. Incorporating her diverse background, Mingyue’s artistic endeavors encompass a broad spectrum of mediums, ranging from traditional art to innovative new media techniques. Her work actively explores the intersection of art, technology, and contemporary society, offering a unique perspective on their interplay. In addition to her artistic pursuits, Mingyue is the founder of Lunaaa Studio L.L.C, a cutting-edge SLA 3D printing studio and gift shop. This initiative reflects her dedication to pushing the boundaries of creativity and exploring novel ways to showcase her artistic vision.

Se young Yim

Se Young Yim is a New York based painter and sculptor. She was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea, and studied Fashion there. Then she moved to the USA and received a MFA from the School of Visual Arts in New York. Also she has worked in various countries as an international artist. She was selected by GlogauAIR in Berlin, Germany and had a solo showcase. Additionally her works were exhibited at CICA Museum, Wess in South Korea, The Holy Art in the United Kingdom, Subtitled.NYC, The Visionary projects, Trestle Artspace, New Collectors gallery, Blah Blah gallery in the USA. Her artist interviews are featured by Contemporary Art Collectors, Glogau AIR and AI-Tiba9.

Steven L. Anderson

Steven L. Anderson is an exhibiting artist, and Co-Director of Day & Night Projects, an artist-run gallery in Atlanta that he helped originate in 2016. Anderson is a graduate of the University of Michigan and The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He has exhibited in galleries and museums throughout the United States since 1996. His artworks are found in the Microsoft Art Collection, the Tim & Lauren Schrager Collection, and in collections of Fulton County Public Arts, Coca-Cola Inc., Emory University Hospitals, the National Park Service, and others. Anderson’s sketchbooks are in the permanent collection of the Stuart A. Rose Manuscript, Archives, and Rare Book Library at Emory University. Anderson is a two-time winner of the Artists Project Grant from the City of Atlanta Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs. Recent residencies include Uncool International Artist Residency in Brooklyn, NY; Artist-in-Residence at Yes We Cannibal in Baton Rouge, LA, and at Atlanta’s Blue Heron Nature Preserve. He was a recipient of the 2019 Denis Diderot [A-i-R] Grant at Château d’Orquevaux Artist Residency in Orquevaux, France. Anderson was a TAR Project Therapeutic Artist Resident in 2016–17, has been a Studio Artist at Atlanta Contemporary (2013–16), a 2015 Hambidge Center Distinguished Fellow, and a 2014–15 WonderRoot Walthall Artist Fellow. Anderson’s day job is Senior Graphic Designer at the Office of Undergraduate Admission at Emory University. He lives in Atlanta with his wife Liz and son Finn. Anderson’s artworks can be seen at Kai Lin Art in Atlanta.

Sun-ho Lee

Sun-ho Lee is a Korean interdisciplinary artist based in Chicago who redefines her identity through personal branding. Lee collages and combines food packaging with historical objects and techniques such as Wedgewood pottery, Depression-Era quilting, and crochet. Through hand-made production of textile works, she forcibly places herself within capitalism and its social hierarchies in order to subvert them. She is fascinated by how people’s lives are mass-produced, the contradictions of this repetitive lifestyle, and the unpredictability of her own future. She has a background in textile art, product design, and experience in sculpture. Lee’s works were awarded second prize from the Sunhwa High School, Korea, in 2014, and she received the Merit scholarship through the School of the Art Institute of Chicago from 2018 to 2022, where she completed her BFA degree. Lee also has been selected as a semi-finalist for 2023 AQS QuiltWeek® – Grand Rapids, Michigan held September 13-16, 2023, at DeVos Place Convention Center. She is currently practicing visual art as a Gallery & Brand Assistant, sustaining her career and studio practice. Her work will be included in an upcoming show, “Inspiration-2023,” in Canada and a Duo show in Chicago, “Contemporary Nostalgia.”

Tallulah Hutson

Tallulah is a young artist based in the UK. Having trained in oil painting and portraiture at Charles H. Cecil Studios in Florence, Italy, for 2 years, she returned to London where she has been working since 2021. Tallulah is interested in using classical techniques to depict contemporary scenes and characters. While she is currently working on several different series in parallel, the theme of movement and motion has been repeatedly arising in her recent works.


Julie Mckim

Julie McKim is an independent curator from Brooklyn, New York. She has held curatorial positions at The Whitney Museum of American Art, Performa, New York, and The Kitchen, New York, and until recently, she ran the Brooklyn-based alternative art space Kunsthalle Galapagos. She has produced curatorial projects in New York, California, Berlin and Vienna. In addition to curating independently, she manages a preeminent New York collection of modern and contemporary art. She began her arts career as a volunteer at the Oakland Museum of California, giving tours and sharing the profound importance of the artist Gordon Parks. It was through his work, that she first saw the transformative possibilities of art. She is driven by the belief that art and artists are truly necessary for a vital and thriving society, and that artists should be able to sustain themselves while making the world a better place.



Nov 30, Thu, 7-9 pm


Dec 2, Sat, 2-4 pm

16 Waverly Ave, Unit 300
Brooklyn – NY


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