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Through exchanges and critical discussions in contemporary art practices, the International Lab For Art Practices fosters the meaningful growth of artists, curators, critics, researchers, educators, and people in the contemporary visual arts field working in an interdisciplinary environment.

International Lab for Art Practices

Applications open:

Summer 2022 applications period:
May 10 - June 10

Apply here, and we will schedule a meeting!

The community-based program focuses on supporting its participants to create new and unique positions in the international art world through activities based on different forms of practice and examining various contexts worldwide. Participants will be challenged to devote themselves to developing their practice while working on a proposed project. This includes a series of theoretical discussions and exercises tailored to each participant’s interests and aspirations, as well as live sessions with experts.

Our educational model is the result of over 10 years of providing online education in contemporary arts, with highly successful results considering Brazil’s challenging scenario. Now, we are doing something similar here in the U.S., creating and sharing several opportunities in New York and Miami within our community, and for people from diverse backgrounds who would like to join forces with us.

ILAP Overall Themes


Participants will engage in a variety of activities ranging from theoretical discussions and research to the development of work based on a proposed project.

Each quarter covers the following cycles:

1st Cycle


In the first four weeks of the program, we will elaborate on critical thoughts and formulate discourses about contemporary art practices.

2nd Cycle


Over these four weeks, we will challenge the creative process routine and practice how to present a compelling storytelling presentation.

3rd Cycle


In the final stage, participants will focus on the elaboration of their projects, and we will bring questions such as: 

  • Project planning and production
  • Meaningful projects
  • Project execution
  • Project publication

3rd Cycle


In the final stage, participants will focus on the elaboration of their projects, and we will topics such as: 

  • Project planning and production
  • Meaningful projects
  • Project execution
  • Project publication

Each year, participants present works developed during the program through three exhibitions and residency opportunities. These exhibitions take place in the spring or fall quarter while the Uncool Artist Residency occurs in the winter. By the end of one year (four quarters), participants must present a publication related to the project they developed during the program.

A ‘community-based’ versus ‘individual-centered’ education.


At Uncool Artist, we believe that creating strong and lasting bonds is key to a sustainable and happy life in the arts. Our focus is on cohesive work and collaborative growth at the expense of stimulating a romanticized view of “the artist” or “the curator” as the central figures in the art world. For us, a welcoming and interdisciplinary community is the primary way to professional, financial, and emotional fulfillment for all those involved, while respecting individualities and specific necessities without losing sight that we are stronger when we collaborate.


Each quarter, participants will receive individual critical mentorship by advisers who will discuss the participant’s research and projects during virtual studio visits. The selection of advisers is composed of artists, researchers, writers, and curators who are actively engaged in contemporary art practice. Sessions last for 40 minutes via online video conference.

Get to know our lecturers and advisory team.​

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As part of the program, participants will be able to hear from experts in various areas of contemporary art practice. A selection of lecturers including artists, curators, critics, gallery owners, and other art professionals will join us to discuss relevant contemporary art themes based on their work and experience. These sessions take place online via video conference.


Participants are encouraged to develop and present their projects to the community and the public, either virtually or in person. It’s an opportunity for experimentation, creation, and effective execution of the most meaningful projects for participants’s contexts. Proposals will be planned in collaboration with or guided by our research and curatorial team.

Opportunities for presenting projects at Uncool Artist:

Teacher training program

Uncool Artist has a program to train educators interested in developing courses for remote learning. Participants in ILAP will have the opportunity to enroll in our teaching program and, by its end, propose a course or program in art and education to be offered at Uncool Artist.


As part of ILAP, participants will be encouraged to exhibit their works via virtual and/or physical experiences  initially in Brazil (São Paulo) and the U.S. (Miami/New York). The format will be discussed with the group and adapted to the participants’ proposals. The goal of these activities is to allow the participants to experiment with ways in which to present their production while also allowing them to engage with the public in different spaces and by using various mediums.

In 2022, we will have carefully curated group shows*, scheduled to take place in New York, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires and Lisbon.

* Newly enrolled participants can participate.

Artist residency

Prioritizing ILAPers, Uncool Artist has its own residency program that lasts from 1 to 3 months in a 24/7 access space in the Brooklyn Navy Yard area.

Each participant’s experience will be tailored for their necessities and goals.

The Uncool Artist Residency involves: in-person studio visits, field trips, open studios, and exhibitions.

Publications on Uncool Artist Platforms

ILAP aims to create new knowledge in the arts. We provide opportunities for art writers, critics, and curators, giving them the chance to share their writings. For this reason, participants in the program are the primary authors of articles and essays published on the Uncool Artist website and social media platforms as part of UNCOOL WRITING.

Learn more about our NYC Residency

Click here.


January 10
to March 30


April 11
to June 22


July 11
to September 28


October 03
to December 21


One Tuesday evening out of the month, all ILAPers (from all groups in the program) are invited to participate in an assembly to debate and decide collectively on projects, goals, and new Uncool Artist initiatives.


With a customized blend of platforms and online education methodology, Uncool Artist offers a unique approach to online learning practices based on over 20 years of the founder’s experience. The program is organized in quarters, with 12 weeks of meetings and activities. Each participant must enroll in four quarters to receive the certificate, executing a complete project and publication.

Group Meetings

Weekly on Wednesdays

From 1 to 4 pm (ET)
from 6 to 9 pm (ET)

*Choose the best timeframe for you: afternoon or evening

Advisory Meetings

Held on Mondays
8 meetings per quarter
40 minutes each meeting – Scheduled between 1 and 4 pm (ET)
From 6 to 9 pm (ET)


Once a month (TBD) on Mondays
From 1 to 4 pm (ET)

Community Foruns

Once a month (TBD) on Tuesdays
From 6 to 7:30 pm (ET)

How to enroll

ILAP was created for artists, curators, critics, researchers, educators, and anyone in the cultural sector aiming to be part of a community that pursues a distinct position in the international art field. It proposes an alternative to master’s degrees. It also serves as a platform for those seeking to continue engaging in critical discussions about the art world today and would like to expand their networks.

Apply and we’ll schedule a meeting.

Once we receive your materials and information listed on the form, we will schedule an interview and contact you with further information about the enrollment process.

International Lab for Art Practices


May 10 to May 25: $10
May 26 to June 10: $20

All fee increases will occur at 10 (ET) on the last day of each payment bracket. Dates and times are Eastern Time (ET).

Applications deadline - June 10 – 10 pm (ET)
Interviews - June 13 to 24
Enrollment - July 01
Registration - July 04
Orientation - July 11
First Quarter's Group Meeting - July 13
Last Quarter's Group Meeting - September 28

Apply to the program

by filling out the form here

If you have any questions, e-mail us.


Tuition for each quarter is U$ 2,400.

Partial scholarships are discussed case by case during the interview phase.

ILAP accepts up to 10 participants per group, so the order of application counts. Do not wait until the last minute! This is not a selection process, but the interview is a significant moment for the coordinators to learn more about you and your goals for the program prior to your enrollment. Send your material as soon as possible and enjoy the conversation with us.


Participants will receive a completion certificate at the end of the program, accompanied by a record of achievement.

Certificated ILAPers have the opportunity of working within Uncool Artist and in other institutions based on their performance during the program journey.


All meetings are held in English. Participants must be fluent in reading, writing, understanding, and speaking English.


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