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Uncool Artist

Uncool Artist Residency Online

A solid online art residency experience and art project incubator!

UAR Online – ILAP offers opportunities to expand networks and engage in critical discussions about the current art world offering an enriching experience for artists, curators, critics, researchers, educators, and professionals in the cultural sector.

Have you ever thought about taking part in a residency program? Imagine one that takes place online, connecting you with artists and agents from the global contemporary art circuit. The ease of a digital program offers a dynamic environment where live and asynchronous activities blend to promote personal and professional growth. Through theoretical discussions, knowledge exchanges, expert sessions, and exercises tailored to your individual aspirations, you can achieve significant development in your artistic practice.

We believe in a concept of artistic residency as an ‘assisted studio practice’, i.e. as a space for dialogue between agents of the art field, in which the priority is the organicity of the relationships, and in which a guide is created for experiences structured in a flexible way.

At the UAR Online – ILAP there is no a priori result: everything varies according to the purposes and involvement of each one in the processes. This model, present in traditional schools such as Royal College of Arts (London, UK), De Atelies (Amsterdam, Netherlands), has been adapted to the digital world where participants have the opportunity to focus on their proposed projects, explore new directions in their artistic practice and deepen their knowledge of international contemporary art.

International Lab for Art Practices (ILAP)

We are open for applications for 2024/2025

Applications for UAR Online are now open. Access the application form and pay close attention to the dates and detailed information.

We are closed for applications.

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A ‘community-based’ versus ‘individual-centered’ education.

Methodology & Themes


Creating strong and lasting bonds is key to a sustainable and happy life in the arts. Our focus is on cohesive work and collaborative growth rather than stimulating a romanticized view of “the artist” or “the curator” as the stars in the art world.

For us, a welcoming and interdisciplinary community is the primary way to professional, financial, and emotional fulfillment for all those involved, while respecting individualities and specific necessities without losing sight that we are stronger when we collaborate.



The program is organized in quarters, with 12 weeks of meetings and activities from theoretical discussions and research to developing assignments based on a proposed project. Each participant is recommended to enroll in at least four quarters to establish strong connections, take advantage of a whole year set of opportunities, and present a well-rounded project.

The program covers the following cycles:

1st Cycle (4 weeks)


In the first cycle, we will focus on the elaboration of critiques, shaping your discourses on contemporary art practices. The critique mobilizes references and involves description, analysis and evaluation, without necessarily the emission of a personal judgment.

2nd Cycle (4 weeks)


In this cycle, you will be challenged to present your routine creative practice and develop a compelling narrative presentation about your poetics.

3rd Cycle (4 weeks)


In the final stage, the focus is on developing a project. Depending on where you are:

  • Introduction to project planning and production
  • Conception of a meaningful project
  • Executing project
  • Publishing the project

2024/2025 quarters:

ILAP Summer

Jul 29 to Sep 29

During this period, artists enrolled in the three quarters will attend one-on-one sessions with the UA Gallery director and curator to discuss their practices and projects.

Fall Quarter 2024

Sep 30 to Dec 18

Winter Quarter 2025

Jan 6 to Mar 28

Spring Quarter 2025

Apr 8 to Jun 26

Features and Benefits

During the course of the program, all ILAP participants have automatic access to the same features of UA Access Membership, including have the opportunity to present works developed during the program through group exhibitions and our online platform.

Exhibition Opportunities

During your time in ILAP, you’ll have the chance to participate in two of our 2024 group shows and showcase your UA ILAP exhibition project at the UA Gallery in Brooklyn, NY, in 2025.

One distinctive feature of ILAP and the UA Access Membership lies in its close connection to the UA Gallery. As a participant, you can submit proposals for our group shows and receive valuable feedback, making it an enticing opportunity for artists.

UA Gallery ≠ UA Access

The UA Access Membership and UA Gallery Association are interconnected but represent DIFFERENT TYPES of participation.

Video of the group exhibition "Do Write Right to Me" by UA participants in NYC, 2021.

As part of ILAP, participants will be encouraged to exhibit their works via virtual and/or in person experiences. The format will be discussed with the group and adapted to the participants’ proposals. The goal of these activities is to allow the participants to experiment with ways in which to present their production while also allowing them to engage with the public in different spaces and by using various mediums.

Private Online Platform

Created by us with you in mind!

We developed our own web-based platform which is always in constant development and bringing new features and improvements every semester to all our participants around the world. Meet and communicate with artists and curators enrolled on ILAP, UA Residency, our team and other participants of Uncool Artist.

Exclusive Groups and Group Meetings

ILAP meetings* weekly on Wednesdays
mediated by ILAP Coordinators. Choose the best timeframe for you: afternoon (1-4 pm) or evening (6-9pm) ET

*Live meetings are hosted and recorded on Zoom to be available later exclusively for ILAP participants.

Media library

Dynamic in nature and always growing. Lose yourself with +100h of talks and presentations (in English) by curators, art educators, gallerists, researchers and artists.

Live Talks

If you want to ask questions and interact with our guests, you can enjoy access to both live talks and presentations before they are updated to our library.*

*Live meetings are hosted and recorded on Zoom to be available later on our library.

Private Events Calendar

We have events happening all year round. Group and solo exhibitions featuring our participants, field trips, open studios, talks, online presentations by experts and much more!

Profile Page = Artist Page

You can manage your profile and art gallery how you like it. To visitors, your profile page will be displayed as an artist page with only relevant information about you and your artwork.

Connections Tools

Connect with other participants and our team to learn, keep updated and exchange ideas through our groups.
If you favor a more instant communication, join them on text or video group chats in HD and without time constrains.

More UA Access Benefits

And if all that wasn’t more than enough, we have more benefits for artists who are seriously interested in advancing their productions and processes while integrating into a totally unique community.

Enjoy our collection of online multidisciplinary resources and specialized services related to the art world!

Online Open Studios

You'll have a chance to be part of online open studio events that happens outside our other programs.

General Monthly Meetings

Have your voice heard and discuss art related news and topics with our team and other artists on our monthly live general meetings with the community.*

*Live meetings are hosted and recorded on Zoom to be available later on our library.

Weekly Opportunities

Access a weekly list of open calls and global opportunities has been curated by a team member specifically for our participants.

Advisory Meetings and Special Online Events

ILAP participants have the opportunity to undergo personalized mentorship sessions with advisors. These mentors, actively involved in contemporary art practice, include artists, researchers, writers, and curators. Virtual studio visits will delve into discussions about the participant's research and projects. Each session, conducted via online video conference, lasts for 40 minutes and is available on demand (advisory meetings bundles offered separately).

Subscribe to advisory bundles plans* within our platform and exchange tickets to spots on special online events (like live workshops) or schedule one-to-one meetings with our international team of advisors.


ILAP accepts up to 10 participants per group, so the order of application counts. Send your material as soon as possible and enjoy the conversation with us.

Do not wait until the last minute to apply! 

Apply to the program here

Once we receive your application, we will contact you with further information.

If you have any questions,
e-mail us.

Tuition Fee

2,800 USD per quarter (800 Program Deposit + 2,000 Program Fee)
5,200 USD per two quarters (1,400 Program Deposit + 3,800 Program Fee)
7,400 USD per three quarters (1,900 Program Deposit + 5,500 Program Fee)

All meetings are held in English.

Participants must be fluent in reading, writing, understanding, and speaking English.

ILAP Coordinators

Ana Roman

Master in Geography from the Faculty of Philosophy, Letters and Human Sciences at USP. Currently, he is dedicated to research in contemporary art and curatorship: she was the curator assistant for the exhibitions Lina Gráfica SESC Pompéia, 2014); review_Augusto de Campos (SESC Pompeia, SESC Santo André, SESC Araraquara); researcher of Achillina Giuseppina Maria | Bo Achillina | Achillina Giuseppina | Achillina Bo by the artist Walmor Corrêa at SESC Pompeia (2016) and Ready Made in Brasil (Centro Cultural FIESP, 2017). Ana signed the curatorship of the exhibition A Asseidade da Fenda by David Almeida at Centro Elefante Centro Cultural in Brasília (2016) and Occupation: any phrase was better than silence (2016) at Plana together with Thais Gouveia. Since 2014, she has participated in the untitled collective, S.D. of production and research in contemporary art, with which he carried out actions such as the show What is not performance? at Centro Universitário Maria Antonia (2015) and the seminar Public Residences: First Questions at Estação Pinacoteca (2016). She was the assistant curator at the 34th Bienal de São Paulo.

Rosela del Bosque

Rosela del Bosque is a curator and researcher from Mexicali, Mexico. Her current research focuses on the intersection between contemporary art, culture, and systemic extractivism in Latin American contexts—namely those related to the displacement of water, land, and territories in Baja California. She holds a BA in Art History and Curatorial Studies from the Universidad de las Américas Puebla (2015-2020) and an MA in Advanced Curatorial Studies from the Zurich University of the Arts (2021-23). In 2022 she was selected as a recipient of the Fomento Fundación Jumex Arte Contemporáneo scholarship for study abroad and PECDA Baja California in 2023. Additionally, she has been awarded, along with the Archivo Familiar del Río Colorado, two grants issued by the Patronato de Arte Contemporáneo in Mexico City between 2022-2023. She has been part of programs focused on curatorial research with the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego (2018), in education with Museo Jumex (2019), and research programs such as PIP – Postnatural Independent Program guided by the Institute of Postnatural Studies in Madrid (2023). She has collaborated with La Nana ConArte, Planta Libre, INSITE, the Institute for Postnatural Studies, OnCurating Project Space, and TBA21. She is currently an Associate curator at Planta Libre Espacio Experimental and works as a Curator and researcher at the Archivo Familiar del Río Colorado.

Regina Parra

Parra’s practice is mostly cross-disciplinary, for the past fifteen years she has been working between painting, video, sculpture, writing, performance, and choreography. Her production has been increasing scale over the years, and seeking an installation dimension, towards the creation of a total environment that encouraged her to work with collaborators in other fields of creativity, such as dance, music, costume design, and cinema. What brings all those elements together is theater, her first area of activity. Before entering the visual arts, she worked for Brazilian theater director Antunes Filho as his assistant director. This experience formed a deep connection with the performing arts, especially Greek tragedy, that remains with her.

Andrea Tavares

Andréa Tavares is an artist and educator from São Paulo, Brazil. She works with graphic languages as drawing and printmaking to create friction between collective and individual memory. Her work has been shown in museums and galleries in Brazil and abroad. In Oficina Cultural Oswald de Andrade (São Paulo), her last show, Anxiety Studio, presented almost one thousand works on paper, part of an extensive archive practice brought together with personal memories and social history.
She is a professor of Drawing, Graphics Languages, and Teaching Practices at FAAP (Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation), in the visual arts faculty, and Coordinator of the postgraduate course (Latu Senso)Contemporary Artistic Practices at the same institution.
She is also one of the coordinators of ILAP in Portuguese.
She has a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from USP (University of São Paulo) and an MFA and a Ph.D. in visual poetics from the same institution.

Isabella Indolfi

Isabella Indolfi is an independent curator based in New York City, with a decade of international experience in public art, implementing community-oriented and site-specific practices. Originally from Italy, she is working between Europe, where she is co-directing Seminaria Biennial of Environmental Art, and the USA, where she recently received her MA at the Center for Human Rights and the Arts at Bard College in New York. Past institutional partners include the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Italy, The Hermitage State Museum (Russia), and the Cafesijan Museum (Armenia). Committed to supporting multidisciplinary knowledge at the intersection of art and technology, Isabella has also co-curated international media art festivals such as the nomadic Cyfest, and the Media Art Festival at the MAXXI Museum in Rome, and has given lectures at the Goldsmiths University of London and at the Manchester Metropolitan University School of Art.

Liene Bosquê

Liene Bosquê is a visual artist and art educator based in Miami, born in Brazil. Bosquê’s installations, sculptures, site-specific projects, as well as social engaged practice works have been have been exhibited in museums and galleries In the United States at MoMA PS1 in New York (2015), Museum of Contemporary Photography in Chicago (2013), Museum of Contemporary Art of North Miami (2020), among other places. Her artworks were also included in international exhibitions in Brazil, Portugal, Italy, Turkey, and South Korea; at places such as Museu de História Natural in Lisbon (2007), Museu de Arte de Ribeirão Preto (2006), and Sesc in São Paulo (2018).
In 2019 Bosquê received the Ellies Creator Award, Miami’s Visual Arts Awards, and a WaveMaker Grant to present HamacaS Project. First iteration of this social engaged project was shown at MOCA North Miami during February 2020. Bosquê was an artist in residence at Wave Hill, Bronx and at Queens Museum’s ArtBuilt residency both in New York. In 2016, she received the Emerging Artist Fellowship from the Socrates Sculpture Park in Queens, where she presented her first public sculpture.
Liene Bosquê holds an MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, a BFA from the São Paulo State University, and a BA in Architecture and Urbanism from Mackenzie University in Brazil, where she is from. She is professor at Florida International University in Miami.

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