Bella Cardim
b. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Lives and works in Miami, FL

The starting point of this installation is the artist’s own search for the things that she is hungry for, for what attracts and nourishes her – a question that has always permeated her work. In “What are you hungry for?”, Bella presents two interactive, large-scale word searches and one thousand postcards.

What are you hungry for?

Mixed Media Installation, word searches and postcards

To provide clues of the words hidden in the word puzzle, the artist presents an arrangement of postcards with photographs she has taken during her career. Pictured on those photographs are what she is, or was, hungry for. She invites the viewers to take a postcard to write back to her and let her know what they crave. She decided to use the puzzle word game as a vehicle for her interaction with visitors because finding out what nourishes her was a deep search. Also because during the Covid-19 quarantine, those games were part of her family’s daily life.