Mariana Battistelli
Lives and works in Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil.

Mariana Battistelli works with textual and image genres that circulate in the digital medium, in order to give new meaning to the production and reproduction processes of virtual images.

The Measure of the World, 2021

NYC – Video projection, 100 inches wide (4:3)

MIAMI – Digital photography and QRCode, Poster printing, A3

Web project:

a medida do mundo [The Measure of the World] is a work in GIF format whose starting point is the book The Book of the Path and Virtue, a collection of Chinese proverbs belonging to a collective oral tradition that deal with the tao, that is, about a certain ultimate reality of the universe.

In the work, Battistelli superimposes images in which we see the movement of light in the same scene, captured by “lo-fi” images,  and we are led to a deep reflection on what it is possible to perceive and about how the world is in constant transformation before our very eyes.