Carin Dangot
b. São Paulo, Brazil. Lives and works in New York, NY.

These acrylic sculptures dialogue with the architecture of the space and interact with the nuances of the gallery’s light. They are composed of cut leftovers of acrylic pieces. This installation is seemingly light and floating and references the storing of information in the “Cloud,” so present in our day-to-day digital life. Dangot is a painter and sculptor; her artworks emphasize materials’ physical properties via experimentation and other intuitive processes.

Clouds, 2021

Installation of 6 suspended acrylic sculptures.

On designated dates, the artist will offer abstract observation drawing workshops for the duration of the exhibition. She will distribute to participants blank paper pieces to draw during short intervals. The artist will use the drawings created by the public to make new compositions based on the observation of her work executed and interpreted by third parties. Those new composition drawings will be displayed in the Miami and Sao Paulo editions of this exhibition.