Luisela Pelizza
Lives and works in Chapecó, SC, Brazil.

Architect and Urban Planner graduated by UNIRITTER – Faculdade Ritter dos Reis (Porto Alegre/ RS – Brazil), 1991 and Post-Graduate in Industrial Design from ULBRA – Lutheran University of Brazil (Canoas/ RS – Brazil), 1998.

Currently works with analog and digital collages.


Unknown Places, 2021

Digital collage on photographic paper, puzzle pieces with magnets in the back, magnetic board.

The “Unknown Places” collage’s project emerges through several discussions about the art marketplace. In this artwork, the digital support blends in with the analogic to become a re-reading of itself through the eyes of the observer, who, interacting with the puzzle, imprints its fingerprint on the art. The public is invited to share pictures using the #interactivepuzzle.

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