Gabrielle Guido
Lives and works in Bahia, Brazil.

Gabrielle Guido focuses on researching the relationship between memory and territory through family archives, popular culture, and oral traditions.

Paranóia I, 2021

Text on wall, dropbox, and index cards.

In this installation, she shares an original text, in Portuguese, titled “Paranóia” paired with an invitation for the public to participate. Next to the text on the wall, there is a deposit box and index cards with an invitation to “deposit your paranoia here.” 

The text, which talks about love (‘and if I told you that I love you you would be lost or would love me back you would be paranoid without knowing what love is or would love me back even without knowing … ‘) was constructed playing with literary and visual form. The activation is an invitation to observe feelings and thoughts often considered ridiculous about love, creating a paranoias’ exchange between the artist and the public.