Carlos Monaretta
B. in Guarulhos, SP – Lives and works in Goiânia, GO, Brazil.

Carlos Monaretta is a visual artist and researcher with a B.A. in visual arts from FAV-UFG. Since 2016, he has been participating in exhibitions at public and private institutions. In his trajectory, he had complementary training in critical monitoring laboratories with Marcio Harum at the Adelina SP Institute and monitoring of artistic processes at Casa Voa. In 2018, he received an honorable mention at the 2nd SESC Biennial, Brasília-DF. In the same year, he participated in the artistic residency in the Trampolim project.

Carlos Monaretta nasceu em Guarulhos,vive e trabalha em Goiânia. 

Carlos Monaretta é licenciado em artes visuais pela FAV-UFG. Desde 2016 participa de exposições em instituições públicas e privadas, destas destacam-se: Abre Alas, Galeria A gentil carioca (2022), Salão Ver-ão no espaço Oasis, ‘’Novas Aquisições, Coleção Aldir Blanc Galeria Antônio Sibasolly’’ em Anápolis-GO (2021), 2° Bienal das artes do SESC-DF em Brasília-DF (2018). Participou das residências artísticas: Projeto Volante, Edifício da Calle San Lazaro, Havana, Cuba (2021), ‘’Projeto Trampolim’’, MAC, Museu de arte contemporânea, Goiânia Goiás (2018). 


Troço, FROM THE SERIES "Treco, troço e coisa", 2021

Sculpture with lounge chair in wood and colored fabric
approximately 125 x 170 x 52 cm

In the series Treco, troço e coisa, Carlos Monaretta appropriates the structure of a lounge chair. The structure wears a fabric, which transforms it: from the chair-object, whose utility is to sit, we come to be in front of a sculpture-object. The artist is interested in the indexes of the chair object that remain in the sculptural field and also explores the dissolution of utility and the a priori meaning carried by the object. In several works, Monaretta makes gambiarras (improvised ways of solving problems) with the aim of proposing new ways of seeing and creating non-functional states.

Troço, da série "Treco, troço e coisa", 2021

cadeira de descanso e tecido colorido – aproximadamente 125 x 170 x 52 cm

Na série Treco, troço e coisa, Carlos Monaretta se apropria da estrutura de uma cadeira de descanso. A estrutura recebe um tecido, que a transforma: do objeto-cadeira, cuja utilidade é sentar, passamos a estar diante de um objeto-escultura. O artista se interessa pelos índices do objeto cadeira que permanecem no campo escultórico e também explora a  dissolução da utilidade e do sentido a priori carregado pelo objeto. Em diversos trabalhos, Monaretta realiza gambiarras, formas improvisadas de solucionar problemas, com o objetivo de propor novas formas de ver e criar estados de não funcionalidade.


Deglutindo Bruscky, 2021

Notebooks and text on vinyl.

Historically we know that art has fulfilled several functions, from recording important events, communicating when language and writing were not yet accessible to the majority of the population, indoctrinating through the information monopoly, or even alienating in the name of entertainment with the cultural industry. Knowing all this from books, theories, reports, and studies, we can understand a little of its evolution, but it seems that there is still a big question in the air: What is the role of art today? To choose some answers and start the dialogue about this question, Carlos Monareta proposed a work entitled: ‘Deglutindo Bruscky’. The work arises from the need to revisit the inquiry made by Paulo Bruscky in 1970, where he wrote on a board attached to his neck the questions: What is art? What is it for? Carlos proposes that you write your answer or questions about these two maxims here.


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