Gus Rizeiro
Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY, U.S.

Gustavo Rizerio is a notable tattoo and contemporary artist living and working in New York City. Originally from Brazil, Gustavo has spent his entire life honing his skills and innate abilities as an artist.

Drawn to the power and permanence of an image, Gustavo explores multiple mediums in his work such as oil and acrylic painting through everyday objects and other materials, touching on the slow transformative process that art takes through the passing of time. 

His work encompasses the decorative aspects of art nouveau, symbolism, and the clean modernist lines of the contemporary. Exploring the pure subjectivity and expression of an idea over the realistic description of the natural world, Gustavo brings meaning and value to his work through colors, lines, and composition. 


Gustavo Rizerio
Nasceu em Goiânia, vive e trabalha em Nova York.

Gustavo Rizerio é um notável tatuador e artista contemporâneo que vive e trabalha em Nova York. Brasileiro, Gustavo passou toda a sua vida aprimorando suas habilidades inatas como artista. Atraído pela força e permanência de uma imagem, Gustavo explora múltiplos meios em seu trabalho como a pintura a óleo e a acrílica através de objetos do cotidiano e outros materiais, tocando no lento processo que transforma a arte ao longo do tempo. Seu trabalho abrange os aspectos decorativos da art nouveau, o simbolismo e as linhas modernistas limpas do contemporâneo. Explorando a pura subjetividade e expressão de uma ideia sobre a descrição realista do mundo natural, Gustavo traz significado e valor ao seu trabalho através de cores, linhas e composição.


Glitch 2-4-1 (“tow for one”), 2022

acrylic on canvas, interactive paper
22×28 inches

This painting named Glitch, 2-4-1 plays with the idea of something that goes wrong, in this case the whole situation with the global pandemic that we have experienced and still do. The heart represents union and love, as well the half heart represents also something wrong with that, pointing to the differences and eventual things that get out of our control.

The way this project relates to my research has to do with the mapping of the work and Instructions. People will be able to take home a paper sheet with the information to complement the missing parts of the work to recreate it at home as they follow the instructions. Also it will be suggested that once it is completed to post a picture on social mídia with tags of the show and etc. The work will be detachable this way people can frame their painted work and put it at home or something like it.


Last Rights, 2021

Candles, electrical cables, paper and markers.

In the work presented in the exhibition, the artist Gus Rizerio stresses important issues related to grief. Because of the Covid-19 Pandemic, we have to come up with new ways to deal with the loss of loved ones. Through an installation, in which the artist places a set of candles, in which the wick is replaced by electrical wires, in a corner of the exhibition space, we are led to think about the ideas of beginning and the end, the possibilities and impossibilities that we have in life and in proximity and distance. The artist then asks the audience: “if he could say one last thing to the artist or to another person, with words or a drawing: what would it be?” and, from these answers, a kind of inventory is formed about the ideas of death and life.


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