Laura Villarreal
b. Monterrey, Mexico. Lives and works in Miami, FL.

Laura Villarreal typically creates work related to the feminine and to personal narratives, using embroidery, thread, and textile on mediums like paper and canvas, inspired in her Mexican roots, with its vivid colors and ancient traditions; as well as on her subsequent experiences after immigrating to the United States in the late ’90s.

Write me your story, 2021

Installation of the artist’s collaboration with friends via postcards, and embroidery, transfer and natural dye on linen.

For this installation, the artist mailed a non-finito drawing alongside a non-finito sentence to several friends with an invitation to complete them. She used ready-made postcards with watercolors and added the phrase: ‘When I am with my mind, it tells me to…’ She also added an unfinished image of her idea of an abstract human being. When participants received the postcard by mail, they filled in the blanks with no other instructions than to do it their own way. The postcards trip back and forth via the postal service made time and space part of the project. The goal of the artist was to give participants a space to express themselves freely. This work is a visual exploration of a friendly exchange left to chance and desire.


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