Tuca Chicalé Galvan
São Paulo, SP. Lives and works in São Paulo, SP, Brazil.

Tuca Chicalé Galvan has been sending postcards with photos of the sunset or dusk to strangers since early this year. In some cases, she uses random addresses and, in others, she delivers it personally to addresses she finds on her way.

This card is for you, 2021

Printed postcards and calendar 

On the postcards, she usually writes a poem about nostalgia and the way to deal with the absence of the other. In the exhibition, the artist exhibits an installation made up of postcards hanging over a calendar for the coming months of this year. The viewer is invited to remove a postcard and send it to an unknown person at a random address. With each postcard removed, the void of longing will arise, leaving only the dates on the wall to mark the time. The installation is an ode to the time we dedicate to others and the marks left on us by their absence.