Mariana Guardani
Lives and works in São Paulo, Brazil.

Mariana Guardani’s artistic practice includes photography, video, sound, and installation. In her work, she explores how sensations manifest themselves in situations adverse to comfort, self-control, and well-being and how disturbances originating from different stimulus types can build imaginary spaces in the spectator.

You have a new message, 2021

Sound installation, QR code

In ‘You have a new message,‘ Guardani focuses on examining means of communication between two parties. A set of speakers broadcasts a voice recording made by the artist in English and Portuguese, with the following messages: “Do you hear me?”, “Do you see me?”. 

The QRcode provided directs visitors to the day’s news in Brazil, curated daily by the artist. This installation is the artist’s attempt to call attention to her country’s current situation, where political turmoil and some of the highest numbers of Covid-19 infections on the planet intermix to create a saga Brazilians must carefully navigate day-to-day.