Myriam Zini
Lives and works in Montevideo, Uruguay.

By subverting some of the ways the images are disseminated such as newspapers and billboards, Myriam Zini drives us to re-consider these ephemeral objects. Her work deals with memorialization, excavation of meaning, archaeological work on anthropocene’s archaic ruins. By painting on newspapers, by erasing figures and faces, by rescuing some empty billboards, she seems to be telling us “the party is over”.

Ad-Verse, 2021

Grid of 40 digital prints on cotton paper.

“AdVerse I” is a series of 40 color photographs of equal dimension arranged in a grid four rows high and ten columns wide and taped directly to the wall.

They represent billboards disseminated along the roads of Uruguay, the majority with a cell phone through the car’s window in movement, during four years approx.

The title is a contraction of Ad (first aim of a billboard), and Verse (to signify that these environmental ruins deserve a more poetic way of looking). They emphasize the contrast, the friction between the colored landscape, and the quasi-abstract, white, gray, silver, black tonality of the billboards left empty. Roads waiting for the improbable client, shining in the sun, with their metallic surface, repaired various times, patched, rusted, laid on the floor… silent structures progressively transforming themselves into contemporary environmental ruins full of poetry, a metaphor of the ephemeral of the consumer culture.