Geovana Cortês
Lives and works in Palmeiras, Bahia, Brazil.

6790 meters of rope extend between the walls and floor of the exhibition space. The spectator is invited to explore this extension with their own eyes, but it is impossible to measure it without the use of measuring instruments. In 6790 KM, Geovana Cortês proposes a reflection on distance, displacement and the existence of borders in the contemporary context.

6790 KM, 2021

Sisal rope

The number of the work’s title corresponds to the distance between the city where Cortês came from and New York. In view of all this jumble of ropes, the artist reminds us of the impossibility of understanding the experience of moving and the power contained in it. The rope’s continuous tangle also reminds us of the physicality of distances, which today, due to the internet and information technologies, do not seem to exist. Cortês’s artistic poetic explores manual artistic making and embroidery, emphasizing the networks and affective threads that constitute traits of a given femininity.

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