Erica Iassuda
b.  São Paulo, SP. Lives and works in São Paulo, SP, Brazil

In Nothing we planned actually happened, Erica Iassuda creates an inverted time capsule situation: what message you, the spectator, would like to receive from yourself in the future? Faced with dystopian images and a postcard with a sharp phrase, Iassuda forces us to reflect on the relationship between the different temporalities and how unreal are the possibilities for controlling what will happen in our lives.

Nothing we planned actually happened, 2021

Installation (10 painted postcards for display, 1 instruction card and a stack of 150 postcards for public interaction)

The artist invites us to participate in a kind of self-fiction in which we face the horizon of the planet’s destruction. The work presented in the exhibition opens another horizon of Iassuda’s poetics: through painting, the artist explores traces of her familiar oriental heritage, its permanencies and relics. In Nothing We Planned Actually Happened, relics and memory take on new meaning and become fictional records of a non-existent future.