Marisa Bernotti
Lives and works in Dolores, Uruguay.

Bernotti is a multi-disciplinary artist with a BD in Economy (2005).
Her work is inspired by a rich amount of history from indigenous peoples, Latin American culture and European art traditions such as cubism, to today’s issues with societies and capitalism.
Bernotti works on canvas, papers, books, textile, objects, design puppets, and does performance. She is involved with the I found U global collective of interdisciplinary artists.

Facing 'that', 2021

Scanned paper from the artist’s personal journals, collage. Collaboration with the artist’s younger daughter Federica (5 years old).

Fear is a feeling of anguish that can be caused by the presence of real or imagined danger. It is also a feeling of lack of confidence in oneself. Throughout her life Marisa has felt different fears: of abandonment, of losing loved ones, of the dark, of the wolf, of drowning, of not being the person they expected her to be … As she grew older she was able to dispel those fears but others appeared. Through her drawings and journal writings, she let out all those fears, real and imaginary. By becoming simple colored drawings, she could realize that they are just that: “drawings and letters with bright colors.” Through  her work she invited us, as spectators,  to: Face it, “that”.