Rodrigo Pimenta
Lives and works in São Paulo, Brazil.

The title of the work refers to the game “Broken Telephone,” in which each receiver changes the message, and in the end, it takes on a new meaning. This ‘disconnect’ also happens in daily communication, especially now that most of us participate in remote communications at work and at home.

Broken whisper, 2021

Oil on paper.

The work consists of a large modular oil painting on paper. The artist created the original artwork as an image distributed on multiple sheets. Once finished, he mailed the parts individually to be assembled in the order of arrival. The same procedure will be used to send the work to Miami and São Paulo, which will result in the image looking different at each location. Besides making the piece easier to travel, the artist’s choice of painting on paper also speaks of the fragility of communications and how we can easily break them if we don’t take proper care.

The work is also a nod to artist Sol LeWitt and his “wall paintings,” not only because of its geometric shapes but also because it is installed through detailed instructions to occupy different spaces. ‘Broken Whisper’ consists of ten pieces that could be installed in more than 3.6 million combinations.