Thais Ribeiro
b. Rio de Janeiro; lives and works in São Paulo, SP, Brazil.

The pandemic forced us to create new connections mediated by the digital sphere: we started to work, celebrate and even meet new colleagues through the internet. People have become moving images that speak, express themselves and touch us. Thais Ribeiro’s work is a reflection on the relationships created in this pandemic context and how they virtuality enabled complex friendship relationships that were not initially expected.

Break-out room nº1, 2021

Color pencil and nanquim on paper

The superimposed portraits are images of people who have connected and deeply related through virtual practices. To conceive the work, the artist asks her colleagues: Who impacted your life during the pandemic? What sentence would sum up what they showed you? From a collection of responses, and a print of the computer screens that witness this sensitive crossing, Ribeiro draws and uses transparency and opacity to reflect on virtual relationships.