Natalie Mirêdia
Lives and works in Espírito Santo and São Paulo, Brazil.

Natalie develops research in Theory and History of Modern and Contemporary Art, Performance and Creative Processes. She has participated in exhibitions and shows in Brazil and abroad, such as the Instituto Tomie Ohtake, Caixas Culturais do Brasil, Academia de Teatro de Helsinki, Centro Le Lieu en Art Actuel, Canada, Núcleo Arts Centre, United Kingdom, at Manzana de la Riviera Cultural Center, Paraguay, among others.

Body, therefore I experience., 2021

Live performance on video, 3’1″.

“The Experience Protocols Project” consists of performing in different Contemporary Art exhibitions. In the video included in the exhibition, entitled “Body, therefore I experience”, the performative intervention took place on the occasion of my visit to Fundación PROA, in Buenos Aires, at the end of 2019, in a retrospective by Dan Flavin, just before the pandemic began.

The purpose of the performance intervention is creating an experimental dynamic for the body when visiting an exhibition: the artist performs in the exhibition space developing new dialogues with the works of other artists, and experiencing the exhibition environment in a more active and poetic way. Currently, we know that the average contemplation of a work of art in a cultural institution is 20 seconds. As a visual artist and educator, the artist studies other ways of relating to contemporary art, using the artwork itself as a device for this.

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