Debora Rayel Eva
b. Santos, Brazil. Lives and works in São Paulo, Brazil.

Debora built her professional experience in graphic and product design. Her early work started with images of her own body that she would transform via editing into new images. With time, those images gave way to the creation of new small ‘bodies,’ mini sculptures, created out of ordinary, disposable materials. She sees her work as a chance to talk and discuss complex things through simple images.


Where do we go from here?, 2021

Installation of paper planes and boats made with Brazilian newspapers.

This installation displays hundreds of newspaper-made airplanes and boats freely floating on the floor and climbing the walls. The artist created the planes and boats out of Brazilian newspapers and sent them by mail. She is inviting the public to write back to her with their answers to the title of the piece ‘Where do we go from here?’, using the color post-it notes attached to each boat and plane. Visitors are also invited to create their own planes and boats, made from their local newspaper, to add to the installation and to take one if they leave one in exchange.


Untitled, 2013

Video, 2’5” [the presented edition was created on 2019 with the participation of Adriano Pantani]