Bobbi Meier
b. Tarrytown, NY. Lives and works in Chicago, IL.

Producing work that is sensuous, slightly frightening, and grotesquely humorous has  become a means to engage discomfort and anger with situations that cannot be  changed. Life’s frustrations, joys, and fears are embedded into Ms. Meier’s abstract  sculptures, drawings, and installations through provocative use of materials including: pantyhose, spandex, porcelain, and found home furnishings.  



Hand-sewn wearable soft sculptures constructed from donated and thrifted textiles.

Acts of touching have been extremely compromised during the pandemic. Yearning for  Warm & Fuzzy addresses feelings of comfort and discomfort through the use of physi cal materials fabricated into wearable soft sculpture. Lines are blurred between art and  fashion, enticing the viewer to analyze the work on the wall as sculpture, and wear the  

work, becoming part of the sculpture, then returning the work to the wall in their own  unique configuration. Viewers are encouraged to take selfies wearing and playing with  these awkward quilted boas, answering the question: “what makes you feel warm and  fuzzy?” posting to #yearningforwarmandfuzzy on Instagram with their insights. 



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